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Spooky Bats, Cats & More

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Ulysses the Raven-raven, crow,harvest, pattern, primitive, Ulysses, soft sculpture
Ulysses the Raven
Aristotle the Raven-raven, Aristotle, crow, harvest, soft sculpture, bird,
Aristotle the Raven
Bewitchin' Belle-cat, witch, Bewitchin' Belle, primitive, muslin
Bewitchin' Belle
Halloween Stump Dolls-stump dolls, witch, cat, crow, pumpkin, ghost, Halloween, Halloween Stump Dolls, primitive
Halloween Stump Dolls
Trick or Tweet Pin-Keep-pin-keep, blackbird, pin cushion, Halloween, Trick or Tweet,
Trick or Tweet Pin-Keep
Mrs. Hutchins-cat, Mrs. Hutchins, mouse, muslin, primitive,
Mrs. Hutchins
Bubba Bat-bat, primitive, felt, Bubba Bat
Bubba Bat
Belfry the Bat-bat, Belfry bat, felt, primitive
Belfry the Bat
The Pumpkin Express-mouse, pumpkin, Pumpkin Express, primitive, muslin
The Pumpkin Express
Flight Training-crow, witch, flight, training, Flight Training, primitive
Flight Training
Mulrooney and Ira-cat, pumpkin, Mulrooney and Ira, primitive,
Mulrooney and Ira
Mrs. Finkwinkle-cat, witch, Mrs. Finkwinkle, primitive, muslin
Mrs. Finkwinkle
Mistress Furbeena-cat, Mistress Furr-beena, witch, spells, primitive, muslin
Mistress Furbeena
Punkin'  Puss-cat, pumpkin, Punkin Puss, primitive, muslin
Punkin' Puss
Sofie and Rufus-sheep, crow, witch, primitive, Sofie and Rufus,
Sofie and Rufus

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