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Bewitchin' Belle

Bewitchin' Belle-cat, witch, Bewitchin' Belle, primitive, muslin
#HWW14 Bewitchin' Belle

Getting ready for the “Halloween” ball has everyone in such a twitter. Belle can’t wait until the clock in the hallway strikes the golden hour of midnight. The guests have already begun to arrive, so there isn’t much time left to wait. She is helping to set the table with all the pumpkins and special delights for the night. She is wearing her special dress that her mother designed. It is trimmed with tiny rusty jingle bells. It only seems the right thing to do to someone named Belle. She will be the center of everyone’s attention as she jingles out onto the dance floor.

Bewitchin’ Belle is made from painted and distressed muslin and is 23” long. She has a nose that is stitched around the edge and stuffed for dimension. Her eyes are small felt discs that are stitched on and dyed. Belle’s facial features have been shaded to enhance them and she has sisal rope fiber whiskers. Belle’s dress is made from distressed and aged flannel with a dyed homespun apron that has been embroidered with her name. She is carrying a flannel pumpkin and wearing a felt black hat. Belle is most comfortable hanging around but she can also sit for a spell or two.

Bewitchin’ Belle is an original Soft in the Head design by P.K. Gracia (©2007).


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