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Punkin' Puss

Punkin'  Puss-cat, pumpkin, Punkin Puss, primitive, muslin
#HW11 Punkin' Puss

Punkin Puss loves Halloween and thinks she would like to play "Toss the Pumpkin". The problem is that she gets so excited about it that she sinks her claws into the pumpkin and then it is stuck. So instead of tossing the pumpkin, she just sits around with a bewildered look on her face.

Punkin' Puss is approximately 13" tall. She is made from painted and sanded muslin and wears a homespun dress. She has a hand-stitched face with rusted wire whiskers. Her bottom is weighted, so she sits securely wherever you place her. Her pumpkin is a painted muslin-covered Styrofoam ball and it has rusty stars sprouting out of the stem.

Punkin' Pussis a Soft in the Head original design by P.K. Gracia (©2004).


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