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Mistress Furbeena

Mistress Furbeena-cat, Mistress Furr-beena, witch, spells, primitive, muslin
#HW10 Mistress Furbeena

As the midnight bell tolls the hour, you will find Mistress Furr-Beena charming her friends with the many recipes from her "Spell and Potion" book. The secret ingredient to all successful feline concoctions is - mice! Notice the three hanging from her bag (she definitely wants to make points with her friends).

Mistress Furr-Beena is a Soft in the Head original and has been given the paw of approval from the resident felines. In order to give her that prissy sheen that cats are so fond of, her 22" frame is made of painted and waxed muslin. Through her travels down the dark alleys of "Homedom", she carries her carpetbag. It is filled with her precious spell and potion book, the remains of 3 mice, some sweet annie, and some birch branches - all the ingredients needed for a special potion to cure those obnoxious hairballs. Hope it works!

When invited for cream, Mistress Furr-Beena loves to wear her black linen/cotton dress that is accentuated with vintage drapery sheers at the neck with matching apron. The old vintage button is stunning at her neck. Her chapeau is made from micro-fleece, where "Spits" the spider hangs on for dear life. She is quite an eye-catcher with her seemly stitched nose and rusty wire whiskers. Ah yes, we must not forget the twinkle that comes from her button eyes. Mistress Furr-Beena is waiting to be invited for a saucer of cream at your house. She will even supply the treats with no tricks . . . .

Mistress Furr-Beena is an original Soft in the Head design by P.K. Gracia (©2004).


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