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Clyde S. Klaus-fleece, Santa, list, Clyde Klaus, primitive, coffee-dyed
Clyde S. Klaus
Quality Time-Santa, reindeer, Quality Time, St. Nick, Morty, primitive, Christmas
Quality Time
Ma and Pa Claus-Santa, Mrs. Claus, primitive, Christmas, holiday, spirit, Ma and Pa Claus, Vermont wool
Ma and Pa Claus
Nickolaus-Santa, old world, primitive, Nickolaus, Vermont wool, holidays
Jimmy!-Jimmy, Santa, Vermont, holidays, Christmas, muslin, yuletide spirit
Mister and Missus-better half, Santa, Christmas goose, Mister and Missus, wool, primitive
Mister and Missus
Sinter Klaas-Sinter Klaas, Santa, Christmas, holiday, osnaburg, needle-sculpted, wool
Sinter Klaas
Carl and Max-Christmas, SAnta, crow, cookies, Carl and Max, primitive, painted muslin, duet,
Carl and Max
Simon Cobb-painted, distressed, muslin, Santa, Simon Cobb, Vermont sheep, flannel, primitive
Simon Cobb
Jingles the Crow-crow, santa, Jingles, painted, muslin, wool, primitive,
Jingles the Crow
Santy Claws-cat, Santy Claws, painted, muslin, Christmas, homespun, primitive,
Santy Claws
Santy Paws-dog, Santa, Santy Paws, primitive, painted, muslin, Christmas,
Santy Paws

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