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Carl and Max

Carl and Max-Christmas, SAnta, crow, cookies, Carl and Max, primitive, painted muslin, duet,
#CS08 Carl and Max

Carl and his best friend the crow, Max, always look forward to Christmas. Both of them have a real fondness for cookies. What better time than Christmas to get your belly full of cookies.

Carl is a happy Christmas elf, a bit clumsy with his big feet but still a happy gent. He has a sweet disposition to go along with his sweet stitched face and painted eyes. Max the crow never strays to far from his friend Carl.

Max is painted muslin with a stitched face. Carl is a grand 28” tall and Max is a stout 9” tall. Carl is a great one to have greeting your guests or putting smiles on the kids. He has an ear for singing the Christmas tunes. If you listen real hard you can hear Carl and Max in a rare duet about the upcoming holidays.

Santa Carl & Max are a Soft in the Head original design by P.K. Gracia (©2004).


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