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Hoot Nanny Owls

Hoot Nanny Owls-owl, hoot nanny, primitive, pumpkin, centerpiece, osnaburg
#H05 Hoot Nanny Owls

The "Harvest" moon is shining over the frosty fields and you can taste autumn in the air. The cackle of a happy group of witches plays a funny tune in the night. The youngsters in the woods get a bit antsy this time of year, knowing that Halloween is right around the corner. Feathers are rustled and furled at the McHoot family tree. Mom and Dad are out for the night doing some grocery shopping, and left the kids with the nanny. The "Hoot-Nanny has decided the only thing that will calm these rascals down is to bring out the pumpkins for carving.

The "Hoot-Nanny" is 9" tall and made out of heavily dyed muslin with a waxy shading. Each one of the kids is 5" tall and made from the same material. Their beaks are vintage rusty hand-forged square nails, that have been hand stitched on. Their eyes are layers of stained osnaburg with black felt centers. Each owl is weighted to make them stand alone easy. They all have hand-stitched wings that have been also shaded with a wax. Nanny owl is wearing an apron that has the word "HOOOOOOO" embroidered on the front.

The little pumpkins are painted muslin with hand stitching and rusty nails for stems. They are small and really cute! The moon in the background is made from painted flannel that has also been waxed and shaded. There is a loop on the back so it's easy to hang.

This vignette includes three owls, three pumpkins and the moon. This is a wonderful Fall piece that would look great on a mantle, centerpiece, on a table, or as a shelf accent.

Hoot-Nanny is a Soft in the Head original designed by P.K. Gracia (©2006).


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