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Aristotle the Raven

Aristotle the Raven-raven, Aristotle, crow, harvest, soft sculpture, bird,
#H02 Aristotle the Raven

As the full moon shines over the frost tipped fields with a sleepy, and all knowing expression, a lone dark figure stands with his head tilted up and a low haunting sound emerges from his throat. Aristotle, the Raven, is singing to his nightly comrades. The harvest has begun, and Aristotle is sounding the signal for all his forest and field friends to start gathering for the coming winter. It is time to stock and store all the food for the coming cold because "Old Man Wynter" has no friends. Aristotle will stand guard as everyone hurries through the fields to store the last remnants of a bountiful year.

Aristotle the Raven measures 16" tall. He is made from painted, sanded and waxed muslin. His beak is needled sculpted and his eyes are black beads. Aristotle's wings have been quilted and wired so they can be closed or opened. His legs are formed wire and he can stand on his own. This Raven is an amazing bird and will enhance any room or make a great centerpiece on a table.


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