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Ulysses the Raven

Ulysses the Raven-raven, crow,harvest, pattern, primitive, Ulysses, soft sculpture
#H01 Ulysses the Raven

Ulysses is entirely engrossed in this book that he just pulled out of the corner. Edgar Allan Poe is one of his favorite authors and he finds his stories "captivating". He is also on the lookout for any engaging conversationalist he might meet along the way, for there are few things more engaging than a well-read and clever conversationalist.

Ulysses the Raven is a classy looking Raven and measures 9" tall and 14" long. He is made from painted, waxed and distressed muslin. He has wire legs that can be bent to change his pose. His beak is stitched and he has beads for eyes. His wings are quilted and have gone through a process of folding which add to their fullness. He is quite a distinguished looking bird.



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