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Milo-cardinal, bird, Milo, primitives, painted, muslin
#EFF05 Milo

On the east coast the winters really start getting cold in January and February. Milo told himself that when he had to venture out to old Mrs. Feeny's bird feeder that this year he was going to be prepared for those cold blasts of arctic air and the snow.

He was able to get his buddy Will Wrens' wife to make him some earmuffs and a nice wool scarf. The local birds were going to envy his cleverness and give Mrs. Wren some steady business.

Milo the cardinal is made from painted muslin that has been distressed and waxed. He stands a stout 8" from the tip of his top-knot to the bottom of his wired feet. Milo is a free-standing bird and measures 11" long. He has a needle-sculpted face with small black bead eyes. Milo has quilted wings and his scarf and clever little earmuffs are made from wool.

Milo is an original Soft in the Head design by P.K. Gracia (©2007).


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