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Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams-duck, flower, sunflower, pin-keep, Sweet Dreams, primitive, painted, muslin
#EFF04 Sweet Dreams

Is it "Sweet Dreams" or "Duck Tales"? This little guy is enjoying both while snoozing away on a large sunflower. It looks like mom might have stopped by to cover him up with his favorite little blanket. This little duck has had a very busy day going from one puddle to another and frolicking with his brothers and sisters. To have some time alone he climbed atop this huge sunflower and started to day dream about the adventures that he will have before him, and then he was snoring.

The sunflower is made using a wool fabric top and osnaburg bottom. The sunflower petals are painted and waxed muslin. The huge sunflower head is mounted atop a lead crystal candlestick that has been "primmed" up to add to the rustic charm of the make-do. The little duck is made from painted and distressed muslin. His wings have been quilted and his bill stitched. His eye is stitched to look closed, cause after all, he is sleeping. He has a little flannel blanket laid to across him with a mom's loving touch. The over all size of this wonderful make-do is 10-11". This is a fantastic addition to any spring collection.

Sweet Dreams is an original Soft in the Head design by P.K. Gracia (©2006).


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