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Storybook Edna

Storybook Edna-goose, storybook,Edna, painted muslin, book, primitive
#EFF02 Storybook Edna

On many nights you will find Miss Edna sitting in front of the fireplace with a small group of little ones gathered around and a book in here lap. She finds much pleasure in reading the stories and rhymes that we all loved as children to her small band of munchkins and watching their little faces light up with wonder and glee.

Dressed in her homespun bonnet and carrying her favorite book of "Nursery Rhymes", Edna is ready to come to your home and share her warmth and contagious personality with your family. With a "honk" and a wink she could win over any heart!

Edna is the youngest sibling in her family of twelve. Mother Goose, her mom, always felt that Edna would be the one to follow in her footsteps because of her amazing gift with children.

Storytime Edna is made from painted and waxed muslin. She has a needle-sculpted face with rusty bells for eyes. She measures 12" tall and her body is weighted so she can sit anywhere nicely. Edna has dowels for legs and her feet are painted muslin and wire. Edna is holding a "grungy" little book of nursery rhymes in her wing. The wings are quilted and wired so they can be posed in many ways. Edna is wearing a blue dyed cheesecloth shawl around her shoulders.

The pictures don't do this little goose justice. She is a great piece to add to any home. She just makes you smile.

Storytime Edna is a Soft in the Head original design by P.K. Gracia (©2007)


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