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Milton Sniffler

Milton Sniffler-duck, flower, primitive, Milton Sniffler, painted, muslin
#EFF01 Milton Sniffler

Here's little Milton Sniffler on his way to school, but wait! There happens to be a flower on the path....well far be it from Milton not to "stop and smell the flowers!" He is quite taken by the aroma and the colors of the flowers around him. He is a duck of distinguished tastes. I guess we can all learn from Milton that life shouldn't be going so fast that we can't find the time to just stop and "smell the flowers!"

Little Milton, all 9" of him, is made from painted and distressed muslin with a sweet little tuft of red wool on his head for hair.. His little bill is stitched and painted. He has a cute pair of rusty wire glasses perched on his bill, the better to see the flowers! He is weighted so he will sit anywhere you would like to sit him.

Milton has the cutest little webbed feet. They are square nails with the foot attached and painted. The flower is free standing, which makes it easy to pose with Milton. The flower head is painted muslin and then it is mounted onto twisted rusty wire. There are black French knots sewn onto the face of the flower. This is a very cute duo and will bring many a chuckle to anyone seeing it.

Milton Sniffler is an original Soft in the Head design by P.K. Gracia (©2006).


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