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Jinx the Happy Mouse

Jinx the Happy Mouse-mouse, cheese, happy, Jinx, primitive, warm and natural, trap
#EM05 Jinx the Happy Mouse

Jinx is one happy mouse! He has scored again. The cheese is his! He was able to spring the trap and is rolling with laughter. It wasn't as easy this time. Someone used a old vintage trap that is rusty and unpredictable. He had to approach this assignment with more tenacity and cunning, but he knew "THE CHEESE WOULD BE HIS"!

Jinx is the cutest little guy. He is made out of warm and natural that has been chalked with multiple colors, and then a coffee/vanilla spray was used to enhance the color. His nose curls up with laughter at his new conquest, getting the cheese! He has tiny little black beads for eyes. His nose is stitched and his whiskers are sisal fibers. In this picture, Jinx is firmly attached to the vintage, rusty trap.

Opposite him is his most valued prize, "THE CHEESE"! The cheese is painted paper clay that has been wedged into the trap. This is the greatest little creation and would look wonderful on an old sideboard or in that rustic jelly cabinet. What a conversation piece! Jinx and the trap measure 6" tall and 8" long.

Jinx is a Soft in the Head original design by P.K. Gracia (©2006).


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