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Lucy in Love

Lucy in Love-mouse, love, primitive, heart, Lucy in Love, Valentine, muslin
#EM04 Lucy in Love

Lucy is in love! She is wandering around in a complete daze, daydreaming of her new found hero....Harvey! In her state of bliss she is trying to compose a "love letter" to her new found interest. With the day of love "Valentines" day right around the corner, she has decided to create a special treat for this new boyfriend of hers. She has made him a paper cut-out of her heart. She is thinking about adding a piece of some well aged cheese to her special little Valentine with hopes that this will cause Harvey to just swoon in her direction.

Lucy is made from distressed and dyed cotton batting. Her face and ears are hand-stitched. She a simple little mouse to make, and is very popular. There are directions for the heart cut out in the pattern.

Lucy in Love is a Soft in the Head original design by P.K. Gracia (©2007).


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