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Penelope-mouse, ballerina, primitive, Penelope, shoe, muslin, dance
#EM02 Penelope

"Penelope" measures 8" tall including the shoe. The shoe is a patent leather little girls shoe that has a antique piece of pink quilt making up the pin cushion. Penelope is mounted into the shoe on a wire that runs through her body. Her other leg also has a wire so it ca be posed. She is made from a natural homespun fabric that has been coffee dyed. Her panties and shoes are painted on.

Penelope's face is hand-stitched with black floss thread for eyes, nose and mouth, her whiskers are sisal rope fibers. Penelope's tu-tu is her pride and joy and is layers of pink tulle that has been distressed and sewn to make the tu-tu. Penelope has her arms stretched out holding her magic wand so she can grant some wishes. All in all Penelope is one very happy little mouse!

Penelope is a Soft in the Head original design by P.K. Gracia (©2008).


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