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Biscuit Bunny

Biscuit Bunny-bunny, Biscuit, rabbit, primitive, muslin, homespun
#EB14 Biscuit Bunny

Here's Biscuit Bunny, the long lost sister to Buster Bunny. She had been traveling many years with the McToovey family, in the special care of Sarah McToovey age 6. The family made a stop in Breckenridge, Indiana, Biscuit's place of birth, so Biscuit decided to pay her brother a visit. It was a very warm welcome indeed! The antique tea set was set out, to make the occasion even more special Biscuit brought some of her favorite "carrot cookies". They had a grand time sharing stories and looking at the old family albums!

After many requests I am finally introducing "Biscuit Bunny". Her brother Buster was has been a wonderful seller for me. She is so sweet and old looking. Biscuit Bunny is approximately 30" tall and is made from dyed and "primmed" flannel. She has a stitched face with 1/2 bead eyes and sisal whiskers. Her bonnet is a rich dark yellow flannel and hand stitched around her face with brown thread. The ears have been wired so they can be posed in many different ways. Biscuit's dress is made from a wonderful "Moda" green plaid flannel and has 6 tiny little buttons on the bodice. She is wearing dyed linen bloomers which almost reach her adorable stitched feet.

Biscuit Bunny is a Soft in the Head original design by P.K. Gracia (©2006).


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