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Hugo the Huge

Hugo the Huge-rabbit, huge, Hugo, primitive, bunny, carrot
#EB12 Hugo the Huge

Hugo the Huge is a bunny that doesn't hop around much, and it shows. Luckily, for him he's a landowner and he doesn't have to move much. Oh, he occasionally crosses his legs and once in a while will take a bite out of his carrot, but mostly he just sits around and looks important.

Hugo is approximately 34" long, with a heavily coffee-dyed body and face. His soft-sculpture face is both stitched and painted. His rusty wire whiskers fit his disposition. He has a weighted bottom, which is why he doesn't move around much - he'll pretty much stay wherever you set him. He is a bit stuffy and insists on wearing a scarf & sweater and he doesn't go anywhere without his stuffed carrot.

Hugo the Huge is a Soft in the Head original design by P.K. Gracia (©2004).


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