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Zeb the Pack Rabbit

Zeb the Pack Rabbit-rabbit, bunny, pack rabbit, Zeb, primitive, muslin, pack
#EB09 Zeb the Pack Rabbit

Zeb is a free spirit and likes wandering the fields and making new discoveries. He is a real nature lover and enjoys bringing home samples of his finds so he share them with friends. There are times his backpack basket is heaping over with his treasures. Zeb never goes on his travels empty handed cause a rabbit never knows when a good carrot might come in handy.

Zeb is a 14" freestanding rabbit. He is made from muslin that has gone through a few different dyeing processes. The muzzle and the wool nose have been stitched on. His eyes are painted and the lids have been stitched on over the eyes. Zeb's whiskers are made from horse hair.

The basket that Zeb carries on his back is made from muslin that has been woven, waxed and dyed. Inside the basket is dried Easter grass. His carrot is made from painted muslin and has a dyed cheesecloth top.

Zeb the Pack Rabbit is an original Soft in the Head design by P.K. Gracia (©2007).


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