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Mildred-rabbit, bunny, primitive, Mildred, housekeeper, distressed, muslin
#EB07 Mildred

In the background you can hear the kids yelling, the dog barking and something hitting the floor and going “smash”. Then….in walks “Mildred”! Mildred, the resident housekeeper bunny for the McCotton's, carries a stern and frightful glare as she oversees the chaos happening in the living room.

Mildred is an eighteen inch powerhouse and will command the attention of any group. She is made from waxed and distressed muslin. Her face is hand stitched including her eyelids. Her eyes and belly are painted. She has a distressed and dyed apron with an appliqué with the word EGG embroidered on it. Her belly is a separate piece of muslin that has been distressed, painted and hand stitched onto her body.

Mildred is a wonderful addition to the “prim” home and will definitely bring smiles to all that see her.

Mildred is an original Soft in the Head design by P.K. Gracia (©2007)


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