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Waldorf Bunny

Waldorf Bunny-bunny, Waldorf, rabbit, primitive, muslin, jar lid
#EB06 Waldorf Bunny

Meet little “Waldorf” the bunny. He loves to just hang out among all the delicious greens you have growing in your garden. His very favorite of all the greens are those tender young lettuce leaves. He likes to get to those before they barely break through the ground, YUM! Waldorf isn’t Mrs. O’Malley’s favorite visitor when her garden is starting to perk up…..Better watch out Waldorf or you might become part of a salad yourself!

Waldorf is made from heavily dyed osnaburg and measures a stout 6”. He has a needle-sculpted face with a wool nose and painted metal eyes. He has shading on his face and body to enhance his features. Waldorf is mounted on top of an old rusty jar lid and has rusty vintage square nails for feet and the “Soft in the Head” trademark rusty safety pin arms. In one arm he carries a small wicker basket. Around Waldorf’s neck he is wearing a wool scarf.

Waldorf the Bunny is an original Soft in the Head design by P.K. Gracia ©2010.


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