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Socks-bunny, rabbit, much loved, primitive, Socks, tattered
#EB01 Socks

As the years pass by and his surroundings begin to change Socks starts having the "much loved" look. You know the tattered ears and matted fur and a loose thread here and there.

He remembers the days of being dragged from room to room and he lost count of the tea parties little Amelia has drug him to. His large ears have been confidence to many secrets and wishes. He chuckles when he thinks about the time he was stuffed into little Timmy's backpack the first day of school, cause Timmy didn't want to leave him at home.

Now he sits alone waiting for the next generation to come and smother him with love and tell him stories of far off places.

Socks' is made from a plush felt that has been dyed and "grunged" up for that aged look. The felt was trimmed around the face and then dyed cotton batting was added to the muzzle to give Ol' Socks a worn and loved appearance. His eyes are vintage wooden buttons that are sewn on. His nose is pink wool and he has waxed thread whiskers. Socks' has wool/plush felt ears and his face and ears are all hand stitched. The ears are also wired and can be posed in many different ways. His legs are attached with buttons so they can move and he has grunged up socks on his feet to keep them warm (hints the name).

Socks' is 21" tall when his legs are straight and he is 14" tall when sitting. His body is weighted to make him able to sit all by himself, and he is wearing a grungy yellow wool jacket.

Socks is an original Soft in the Head design by P.K. Gracia (©2007).


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