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Bewitchin' Toes

Bewitchin' Toes-toes, boots, Bewitchin' Toes, witch shoes,
#HWW13 Bewitchin' Toes

You've heard about Cinderella and the glass slipper? Well we're not sure who left these, but it certainly wasn't Cinderella. Since the owner hasn't been back to collect these shoes and Prince Charming is nowhere is sight, we thought we could put them to use. So here's another great Halloween make-do, Bewitchin Toes.

The witch's shoes are 10” tall. They are made from black painted muslin that has been distressed and aged. Buttons that go down the side with little flaps and the shoes are weighted down so they can stand up anywhere. They look good as a pair or just one standing alone. You can dress them up with pins, buttons, keys etc.  They would be great as a Halloween centerpiece on a table.

Bewitchin' Toes are a Soft in the Head original design by P.K. Gracia (©2004).


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