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Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider-ghost, writer, rider, bat, Ghost Rider, primitive,
#HWG05 Ghost Rider


Before the days of telephones or even the telegraph, you could see a lone figure from the "spirit world" flying through the skies reporting his somewhat distorted view of current events. On top of his faithful bat Reggie, Sedric would dip and swerve on the air currents looking for a new ghostly headline for his paper the "Graveyard Gazette"! He was a top-notch and spook-tacular reporter and was able to dig deep for all the gruesome details to his stories.

Sedric is an 8" ghost made out of painted, waxed and distressed muslin. His face is needle sculpted and his eyes are small black seed beads. Sedric is wearing a heavily dyed cheesecloth cloak that is frayed on the ends. He is also wearing a backpack with waxed rolls of paper (I'm sure they are important documents). To guide his way through the dark nights he is carrying a pumpkin lantern. The lantern is sculpted out of clay, painted and antiqued and mounted on a twisted rusty wire staff. Sedric is firmly attached to the top of Reggie, a bat of distinction! Reggie is made from distressed wool felt. He has bead eyes and a stitched nose. His ears, which hear everything, are black felt. There are uneven stitches going down his back in black crochet thread. This gives him a more primitive appeal. Reggie's wings are painted and waxed muslin that are quilted and wired so they can bend. Reggie is mounted atop a grunged and distressed glass candlestick. He has long rusty wire legs with feet jutting from each side.

Ghost Writer is a Soft in the Head original design by P.K. Gracia (©2006).


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