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Winifred Goodkind

Winifred Goodkind-witch, winifred goodkind, primitive, cheesecloth, muslin
#HWW02 Winifred Goodkind

And you thought you were having a bad hair day! Poor Winnie, nothing ever seems to go right for her, especially her hair! She was getting ready for the annual "Bewitching Toe Tapping" dance at her local coven when her new hair spell went terribly askew! Oh well guess it will just have to do. Hopefully none of the local wizard boys will dance too close.

Miz Winifred is a hanging witch. She will look good on any wall, door or cupboard and add that special "bewitching" look for the season. She measures 34" long from the tip of her hat to the hem of her skirt. Her hair is coiled rusty wire and she has stitched stars around her button eyes. Her nose and mouth are also stitched. She is wearing a heavily primed blouse with a black cotton skirt. She has a dyed shawl around her shoulders and a ragged cheesecloth apron. She carries a special potion in the little hand stitched bag hanging around her neck. Never know when a potion might come in handy. Winnie's hat is wool felt that has been distressed and stiffened. A small crow feather adorns the top. She also is carrying her wand Porthos the Pumpkinhead. He is made from paperclay and painted.

Miz Winifred is an original Soft in the Head design by P.K. Gracia (©2006).


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