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Sister Bats Beecham

Sister Bats Beecham-witch, primitive, Sister Bats Beecham, bats, broom
#HWW01 Sister Bats Beecham

Sister Bats Beecham, of the Bedford Benevolent Society for Retired Witches and their furry friends, has decided to run for the office of head Mistress. Of course this means she will be running against her nemesis Dorthea Dittle. It's time to pull out all the stops and start smoozing for votes. Bats went out and bought a new dress, new shoes and she even had her make-up done by Murray the Mortician. Heck she even conjured up a furry new friend, Vlad the bat! Now if this doesn't win votes what will????

Sister Bats Beecham was a blast to make! She is made from heavily dyed muslin. She has a stitched face and embroidered lips with two tiny little felt teeth. Her eyes are painted and the eyes and facial features are accented with shading. Her mass of curly locks is sheep wool that has been needle felted on. Bats is wearing a brush flannel dress with a black net under skirt and homespun bloomers. Sister Beecham is also wearing great shoes...they are painted and have thread laces. To add to her outfit she is carrying a twig and sisal fiber broom, which was inspired by the brooms I saw in use years ago at Ethan Allen Days in Sunderland Vermont (just south of Manchester). Her little buddy Vlad the bat is made out of painted muslin. This Ol' witch would be a great addition to your Halloween décor. She is guaranteed to make all that see her smile...She's a "HOOT"!

Sister Bats Beecham is a Soft in the Head original design by P.K. Gracia (©2007).


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