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Marley-ghost, Marley, Halloween, distressed, muslin, primitive
#HWG04 Marley


As the midnight bell tolls and the fog laps over the land, you can hear the sorrowful wail of a lonesome spirit drifting through the empty halls of the old Marley mansion. He is doomed to haunt these halls for all time in penance for his cruel and thoughtless ways while he was mortal. He is such a lonely soul and wants to undo what has been done.....but alas it is not to be.

Marley the ghost is made from painted and distressed muslin and measures 16" tall and 17" long. He has a stitched and shaded face with painted eyes. Marley is also waxed which adds to the shading and aging of his appearance. His arms are wired to make it easier to carry his tombstone around with him.

To add to his eerie appearance, Marley is draped in dyed and tattered cloth and mounted on top of a vintage textile bobbin. His tombstone is made from painted muslin. Marley wears a small skeleton key around his neck, which is the key to his heart. Now if he could only remember where he left it...

Marley is an original Soft in the Head design by P.K. Gracia (©2007)


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