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Beans the Ghost

Beans the Ghost-ghost, beans, muslin, primitive, haunting, boo, spectre,
#HWG01 Beans the Ghost

The moon is full and the clouds lazily skim past the front of the large yellow orb on this eerie of all nights, Halloween. Waiting impatiently is a tiny little spectre known to his friends as "Beans". Beans looks forward to this haunting holiday with a "Boo" on his breast and a "chilly" wail in his throat. He pokes his head out from behind a tombstone in the old Grayhill graveyard waiting for the trick or treaters to scurry by and become easy prey to his somewhat terrifying humor. BOO!!!!!!!!!!

Beans is made from painted and stained muslin. He measures 12' tall and looks great hanging from a door or cupboard with his sleeves flowing downward. He has a needle-sculpted face with painted eyes. His unique facial expression comes from the shading around his nose and eyes and his stitched pouty mouth. Beans is wearing heavily dyes cheesecloth and a wool felt appliqué with the word "BOO" embroidered on the front. He has bony looking hands and arms that can be posed.

Beans is a Soft in the Head original design by P.K. Gracia ©2007


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