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Flyers 4 Hire

Flyers 4 Hire-reindeer, wool, felt, Flyers 4 Hire, Christmas, sleigh, primitive,
#CC06 Flyers 4 Hire

These little guys are on a mission, "Hire Two More" before Christmas! It takes eight to pull the Ol' Man's sleigh! The reindeer measure 10" tall without the twig antlers. These little guys are made out of plush felt and have twigs for legs and antlers. Their eyes are beads, but small buttons work too. The ears are wool and the nose is felt. They are weighted, so they sit just about anywhere. Making more than one only adds to their charm and whimsy.

"Flyers 4 Hire" is an original Soft in the Head design by P.K. Gracia (©2005).


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