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Silent Night

Silent Night-crow, tree, Silent Night, Christmas, sleeping, painted, muslin,
#CC03 Silent Night

Well, there is tucker'd out, and here is "really, really" tucker'd out! I think these guys win the "really, really" tucker'd out prize! Ever wonder how Santa is able to get all those presents delivered? Now we know, crows! Here are two fine specimens right now! The crow in the red hat is Reggie, the one in the green hat is Mike. I think ol' Santa just wore them down to a pin feather.

Reggie and Mike are painted and distressed muslin. They have cute little needle-sculpted faces and quilted wings. Their legs are made out of rusty-wire. They both have the sweetest wool and flannel Santa hats, which are hand-stitched onto their sleepy heads.

The Christmas three is painted and dry-brushed muslin. It is weighted to support its little patron, and measures approximately 16" tall. Each branch has a little rusty jingle bell hanging from it. There is a wonderful wire-mesh star hanging from the top of the tree. Now Mike has fallen asleep right over the special wool bag that carries the most anticipated Christmas surprises. He managed to set a couple out before falling fast asleep himself.

This wonderful set just makes everyone smile. It is the right size to display just about anywhere during the holiday season. The set is an original Soft in the Head design (©2005) by P.K. Gracia.



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