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Bundle-Up-snowman, warm and natural, Bundle-Up, kid, Junior, let it snow, old sweater, primitive
#CSM03 Bundle-Up

The weather outside is frightful! Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow"…….With the hands of a loving father, the snowman wraps the scarf around his precocious son. All the young boy has on his mind is play, play, play! Snow is the best! So many wondrous things happen in the snow….snow forts, snow war, snow angels, snow cones, and sledding! It's Dad's job to make sure Junior is bundled up for the big event!

I just love how this set turned out. I remember many times watching my own husband wrapping scarves around our own kids necks along with zipping of the coat, the pulling on of the boots and finding the fingers to go into the right spot of the gloves. Snow became a child's fantasyland. A world of wonder and dreams!

The snow people are made out of dyed cotton batting. They are weighted to stand. Their hats are made from pieces of an old sweater and trimmed with a rusty bell. Dad's coat is made from wool and has pewter buttons down the front. Dad has a cotton nose and small rusty bell eyes and his mouth is stitched. Junior has a cotton nose, rusty nails for eyes and a stitched mouth. Junior's arms are grapevine. Junior also has a wool scarf that has been dyed. Dad stands approximately 16" and Junior is approximately 8". This is a wonderful addition to any winter theme in your home and something to be treasured through the years. I know I love it!

"Bundle Up" is an original Soft in the Head design by P.K. Gracia (©2007).


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