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Making S'Mores

Making S'Mores-s'mores, Making S'Mores, Grahm, snowman, Cracker, warm and natural, marshmellows, painted muslin, square nail, primitive
#CSM01 Making S'Mores

Remember the days when it was brisk and cold outside and a bunch of your friends and you would sit around a fire and make smores. It is no different for "Graham" and his little buddy "Cracker". Graham has always had a "thing" for that ooey-gooey chocolaty taste of that graham cracker sandwich. So much so that his mom named him Graham. Being a snowman of reasonable height, 19", he always had that deep fear of melting when things got a bit heated. But he found a magical candle that melts his special smores without any fear of him dripping. In his search to find the perfect s'more, Graham met Cracker, a worm with his own deep-rooted desire to find the perfect smore. With a common purpose, Graham and Cracker became the smore dynamic duo. You will see them often together toasting their marshmallows to a golden brown before inserting them between the flaky goodness of the graham crackers and the ooey gooey goodness of the chocolate.

Graham is made from dyed warm and natural. His face is needle sculpted and he has a rusty, square nail for a nose. Graham is weighted, which makes sitting in front of the fire easier. He has his own marshmallow stick, complete with a marshmallow. His buddy, Cracker, likes to perch himself on this stick while toasting his own marshmallow. Cracker is 3" tall and made out of painted muslin with a needle-sculpted face. He has rusty-wire legs and a felt hat. His toasting stick is wire and it has a small warm and natural marshmallow attached.

"Making S'mores" is an original Soft in the Head design by P.K. Gracia (©2005).


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